In the previous blog, we discussed what is EMC, How it is important to us, and how it is important to a business dealing with electronic products.

In this topic, we will introduce EMI. 

Have you ever wonder why you need to turn off your mobile devices in the airplane before taking off and landing? This is because of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Mobile phones emit active radio transmissions that can interfere with the communications between the Airplane and the Airport Traffic Control Tower. When it happens, the consequences could be fatal. 

EMI (also know as Emission Test) is part of the Electromagnetic Compatibility test. In this test, the product emissions are being measured and should not rise above the limit lines. These limits are imposed on EMI from all electronic products by the International Electrotechnical Commissions (IEC).  Interference between devices can cause malfunctioning and unsafe operation to the user. 

Many countries around the globe are only accepting EMC compliant products in their market, to ensure functional safety. In this modern and advanced technology time, without EMC our world will collapse. 
And EMI is the first stage of ElectroMagnetic Compliance testing.