After the success of TIP’s Ventinaltor, Siglavent, another ventilator,NEUROVENT, was tested here in our facility. NEUROVENT is a ventilator developed with the partnership of The NEURONMEK Inc. and PCIEERD.

It is an emergency breathing control/assistance device, which comprehends some of the emerging trends in the field of automatic respirators. It is an electronically controlled device and works as a flow intermittent pneumatic unit, time-cycled, able to supply medical gas and oxygen gas. The device is equipped with both a plug-in power system and a rechargeable battery with a 3-hour self-powered electric feeding system which is very useful in case of power interruptions. It is equipped with an LCD panel that has a clear and intuitive graphics that serves as an user interface. It is located in the front control panel which is designed from an abrasive material and is resistant from common medical substances. Other features of this ventilator are the wide range of volume and respiratory, and it has a monitoring system for the patient’s safety. This allows it to be functional both for adults and pediatric patients.

Testing was done in EPDC to assure that the ventilator is safe for public use. The tests include visual, mechanical and functional conditions to assure the proper functionality of the device. Other test requirements are Product safety test, EMC Radiated Emission test (CISPR 11), EMC Radiated Immunity test (IEC61000-4-3) and Electrostatic Discharge-ESD (IEC61000-4-2).