The Japan Business Machine and Information Systems Industries Association, Inc. (JBMIA) Chairman, Conformity Assessment and Standardization Committee for ASEAN, Dr. Yasushi Kadota, and Co-Chair, Conformity Assessment and Standardization Technical Committee Mr. Masayuki Hirata, visited EPDC last April 3, 2019. They came over to review possibilities for collaboration in EMC testing for Japanese manufacturers in the Philippines.

As JBMIA is interested in expanding the capabilities of Japanese manufacturers located in ASEAN countries, they are conducting a round-robin testing program together with EMC laboratories in the region for EMC proficiency tests, and later, with product safety tests. At this time JBMIA is focusing on multi-function printers MFP or machines with three features in one, printing, scanning, and copying. This is usually the most expensive equipment in a typical office.

They were met by Julius Solomon of the EPDC EMC Lab and Victor Gruet, EPDC Operations Head, and Hilary De Leon, Admin and Finance Head. EPDC expressed its intention to join JBMIA’s activities in EMC and product safety, and be part of their ASEAN project.