In the past few years, Taiwan and the Philippines have established a good foundation of interaction and cooperation in industry and trade. Through the exchange and business matching of “New Directions for Industrial Cooperation in the Post-COVID-19 Era”, new opportunities and models for industrial cooperation between Taiwan and the Philippines will be explored to create substantial business opportunities for both industries.

The summit will focus on smart parks, machine industry, information electronics applications, and innovation & entrepreneurship jointly explore new opportunities and cooperation models in the post-epidemic era.

The 2021 Taiwan-Philippines Industrial Collaboration Summit will be scheduled to host an online webinar on November 3rd. The Summit will invite industry representatives, scholars, and experts from Taiwan and the Philippines to join the online webinar. This Summit will invite Taiwan and Philippines manufacturers to participate. The application areas include the ICT industry, lot & AI, Startups, Smart Machinery, Smart/Industrial Parks, etc. We welcome manufacturers interested in tapping business opportunities in Taiwan and the Philippines to participate in the virtual Summit.

As part of the organizers of this Summit, EPDC and EIAPI implore the members of the Philippine Electronics industry to not miss this opportunity.

To register, please visit this link: The 2021 Taiwan-Philippines Industrial Collaboration Summit Business Matching Form

You can also scan the QR code on the graphic above.

For more information on the companies in the 2021 Taiwan-Philippines Industrial Collaboration Summit, you may check these files:

Summit Business Matching Company List

Summit Agenda

We hope to see you there!